I Cannot Get You Out Of My System

Oi, boy
Got a new gig?
It's jammin' your brain like a too-tight wig
Stuff this new religious phase
Your home is here in the yellow haze

Oi, boy
What are you doin'?
Wearing your faith like a new tattoo
When friends and formers don't approve this
Brillo pads will not remove this

I cannot get you
I do not want you
Out of my system
I cannot get you
I do not want you
Out of my head

Oi, boy
What are you on?
We'd try to help you, but you're too far gone
First we thought you'd be rejecting us
Now we're scared you'll start infecting us

Oi, boy
Come again
Someday soon it'll all sink in
As all your efforts to inspire us
Spread like some computer virus

I cannot get you...

Always stalled by hidden fears
Always stuck in neutral gears
Until I gave the driver's seat away
Take my life and make it real
Turn the key and take the wheel
Push the throttle though the floor
Evermore, evermore, evermore

Recorded by The Newsboys.  Lyrics by V. Bishop and Steve Taylor

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