Miracle Child

When you got there
I was sure you'd come too late
We all pay you lip service
And address our prayers to fate

Sister gone
She tripped and fell
A prodigal hell
And do I dare believe you'll reach
Such a long-lost cause
Wrapped in gauze
As good as dead

She's breathing...

My Lord
She's a miracle child
I know
She's a miracle child
And I saw
How she'd chosen the grave
My Lord
It's a miracle save

When she woke up
We were dumbstruck at the sight
Like coming out of a coma
All she asked for was more light

Fluttering eyes
Life from a tomb
You flooded her room
With a fearsome mercy
Torn from the devil's grip
From the clutches of fear
I can hear her dead heart beating

My Lord...

We lose hope
We mumble our prayers
We seal off the stairs
And never dare believe your reach
Can pass through stone
Can lead a child home
Can make the dead start blinking

My Lord...

Recorded by The Newsboys.  Lyrics by Steve Taylor and Peter Furler

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