Mom and Dad,
I'm fine.  How are you?
I have joined a small circus
(That much is true)
I'm a little malnourished
But try to relax
Could you find a better photo
For the milk carton backs?
Send money

Where's your head?
Dreamers' dreams
Are grounded...

In reality
That comes from above
God is calling
There's no bigger love
It's His reality that welcomes us back
Trust and obey
There is no better way

Mom and Dad,
I'm fair.  How's life?
Lent the money you sent me
To the clown with the knife
My career as an acrobat
Hasn't begun
But I'm busy giving blood
And shoveling elephant dung
Send money

Why so tense?
Dreamers' dreams
Will make sense...

In reality...

Blowing smoke
Your folks are worried
(And going broke)
After the fall
Is an all-new episode
Is the high road

In reality...

Recorded by The Newsboys.  Lyrics by Steve Taylor and Peter Furler

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