Strong Love

He swings to the left
She leans to the right
But that doesn't make a fight a given
And some pitch their tents
In the middle of the fence
But it doesn't matter where you're living

His spirit's in me
His spirit's in you
So there's a common bond between us
And the mission for me
Is a mission for you
We have a common cause to link us

Strong love, yeah, people
Strong, strong love between us
Strong love, yeah, people
And you know it's true
That it always must be there

He worships while he grooves
She prays and barely moves
But they're both reflecting pure devotion
And some go for broke
Like headless-chicken folk
Inspiring jokes about poultry-in-motion

His spirit's in me...

Now don't just agree
And wait on history
This is not a duty-free abstraction
Divisions get blurred
And the message gets heard
By putting Jesus' words in action

It's a master design
It's a million-watt sign
You can see it shine like patent leather
It's a way people see
How Heaven's gonna be
When we live in unity together

Strong love, yeah, people...

And you know it feels like it always will be there

Recorded by The Newsboys.  Lyrics by Peter Furler, Toby McKeehan, and Steve Taylor

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