Strong Tower

Strong and mighty
Strong to save us
Like a fortress
Never failing

Strong in battle
Strong in kindness
When we stray, Lord
You're strong to find us

When the winds come hard against us
You are steadfast, You are true
When the ground beneath us trembles
Your foundation never moves

Strong tower
High and glorious
Strong tower
Mightly in love
Our refuge
Our defender
Strong tower
Lord above

Strong to lead us
Through the shadows
Strong to carry
All our sorrows

When the enemy surrounds us
Closing in as darkness falls
Though his armies rage against us
They can never scale these walls

Your are my shelter, my shield
You are the home I could never deserve
Here I will serve, ever under Your gaze
Here I will serve, ever singing Your praise

Recorded by the Newsboys.  Lyrics by Steve Taylor and Peter Furler.

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