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Peter Furler
drums, lead vocals

Philip Joel Urry
Bass, vocals on "Take Me To Your Leader" and "Thrive"
Bass, guitar, vocals on "Thrive"

John James
Lead vocals on "Not Ashamed", "Going Public" and "Take Me To Your Leader"

Jody Davis
Guitar, vocals on "Going Public", "Take Me To Your Leader" and "Thrive"

Corey Pryor
Keyboards on "Not Ashamed"

Jeff "Oinch" Frankenstien
Keyboards on "Going Public", "Take Me To Your Leader" and "Thrive"

Duncan Philips
Keyboards, backing vocals on "Going Public"
Percussion on "Take Me To Your Leader"
Drums and percussion on "Thrive"

Sean Taylor
Bass on "Not Ashamed"

Kevin Mills
Bass on "Going Public"

Dave Perkins played guitars on "Not Ashamed" and "Going Public"
Phil Madiera played keyboards on "Not Ashamed" and "Going Public"
Eric Darken played percussion on "Not Ashamed", "Going Public" and "Thrive"
John Mark Painter played bass on "Not Ashamed" and "Going Public"
Vicki Hampton and Steve Taylor performed backing vocals on "Not Ashamed" and "Going Public"
Russ Long played percussion on "Not Ashamed" and "Going Public"
Wade Jaynes played bass on "Going Public"

Albums which Steve Taylor produced
* = lyrics written by Steve Taylor
† = lyrics co-written by Steve Taylor
Songs that Steve Taylor did not help write will not have lyrics available.  Those lyrics can be viewed at my Newsboys website.

"NOT ASHAMED" - 1992 (co-produced by Peter Furler)
1. I Cannot Get You Out Of My System
2. I'm Not Ashamed
3. Where You Belong * / Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
4. Upon This Rock
5. Strong Love †
6. Dear Shame *
7. Boycott Hell (note: Taylor does the 'rap' vocals on this song)
8. We Come Together
9. Love Comes True
10. Lost The Sky Again * (note: Taylor also sings lead in verses)

"Uncommonly talented Australians found the musical direction they needed with Steve (Chagall Guevara) Taylor's beat-heavy production and sardonic lyric bent. The Euro-beat "I'm Not Ashamed" is the one with the real crossover potential, but there's nary a weak track in the lot. Sales will be boosted by the band's manic touring schedule and wild, state-of-the-art concerts. This is fun stuff, well-played, and well worth a spin." (Billboard Magazine review 12/19/92)

"GOING PUBLIC" - 1994 (co-produced by Peter Furler)
1. Real Good Thing
2. Shine * (note: Steve also directed the video)
3. Spirit Thing †
4. Let It Rain
5. Going Public *
6. Truth And Consequences * (note: Steve is one of
the two men talking in the background on this track)
7. Lights Out *
8. Be Still †
9. When You Called My Name
10. Elle G. *

"One of the most eagerly awaited releases in contemporary Christian music, ''Going Public'' is already flying off the shelves--and with good reason: This is the 'Boys' breakthrough release. The first three songs--''Real Good Thing,'' ''Shine,'' and ''Spirit Thing''--are as good as CCM gets. Every tune is danceable, hummable, and memorable, aided in no small part by Steve Taylor's streetwise, heartwise lyrics and savvy production. ''Going Public'' will be hard to dislodge as the genre's best release of the year." (Billboard Magazine Review 8/27/94)

(co-produced by Peter Furler)
1. God Is Not A Secret †
2. Take Me To Your Leader *
3. Breathe
4. Reality
5. Breakfast * (Steve provides
whistling in this song)
6. Let It Go
7. Cup O' Tea
8. It's All Who You Know *
9. Miracle Child
10. Lost The Plot †
11. Breathe (Benediction)

"Christian rockers the Newsboys' sixth outing is their most ambitious to date and the one with the most promise for crossover appeal. Once again, Steve Taylor returns as producer, and he and founding member Peter Furler steer this talented outfit toward an organic sound that works well with this collection of tunes. Mostly written by Taylor, Furler, and bassist Phil Urry, the first-rate material ranges from the melodic "Let It Go" to the lyrically pointed "Cup Of Tea." Other highlights include the title tune, "Reality," "It's All Who You Know," and "Breathe." An album that shows why this innovative band continues to gain an enthusiastic following."  (Billboard Magazine review 3/2/96)

"THRIVE" - 2002 (co-produced by Peter Furler.  Track 6 produced by Peter Furler and Joe Baldridge)
1. Giving It Over *
2. Live In Stereo *
3. Million Pieces (Kissin' Your Cares Goodbye)
4. Thrive
5. Rescue
6. It Is You
7. Cornelius *
8. The Fad Of The Land *
9. John Woo *
10. Lord (I Don't Know)

There are reviews for "Thrive" at The Phantom Tollbooth and Jesus Freak Hideout

"ADORATION" - 2003 (co-produced by Peter Furler)


He Reigns


You Are My King (Amazing Love)


Great Is Your Faithfulness


Take My Hands (Praises)


Adoration *


In Christ Alone


Lord (I Don't Know) - Live


It Is You - Live


Father, Blessed Father



There is a review for this album at Jesus Freak Hideout

The Newsboys recorded three albums prior to these.  Since Steve Taylor did not produce any of these albums, they are not listed here.

On 1998's "Step Up To The Microphone", Steve co-wrote the lyrics to two tracks.  They are "Tuning In" and "Truth Be Known - Everybody Gets A Shot".  Since Steve Taylor did not produce this album, it is not listed here.

On 2000's "Love Liberty Disco", Steve did not write or produce any tracks.

The Newsboys' "Shine - The Greatest Hits" compilation also included 3 new songs co-written and co-produced by Steve.  Those songs are "Joy", "Praises" and "Who?".

The soundtrack to "Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie" contains the song "Belly Of The Whale" with lyrics by Steve and performed by the Newsboys with Steve doing the reggae/rap vocals near the end.

On 2004's "Devotion", Steve did not produce, but wrote the lyrics to "I Love Your Ways" and "The Orphan" and co-wrote the lyrics to "Devotion", "Presence (My Heart's Desire)", "Strong Tower", "God Of Nations" and "Landslide Of Love"

On 2006's "Go", Steve did not produce, but co-wrote "Wherever We Go", "Go", "The Mission", "In Wonder", "Your Love Is Better Than Life" and "Secret Kingdom"

If you're interested in seeing the full Newsboys discography, with access to all lyrics, go to my Newsboys site.

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