This is the audio text of a short film Steve Taylor showed at the beginning of his concert at the Cornerstone Festival in 2003.  If anyone has the actual film, I would love to have a copy of it!  I transcribed this text as well as I could from the audio.  It sounds like Steve himself is the narrator.

The man...the myth...the master of fire and light.

Controversial musician and filmmaker Steve Taylor has enjoyed enormous success in the world of Christian entertainment, from his years of prosperity as a popular solo artist, to his years of prosperity as a popular producer and record executive, Steve Taylor does more in nearly twenty years of showbusiness then most men do all day.  Yet, as with any dreamer, there remains a portion of the dream untouched by the nimble hands of talent and fate.

Roland Steven Taylor was born in Brawley, California on the 9th of December, 1957.  When he was only seven years old...


Let's see what else is on...

(channels changing)

Let's jump ahead to the part where this Steven Tyler (sic) dude invents Christian music!

During his senior year at London's prestigious School of Hard Knocks, Steve Taylor recorded rough demos of four songs that would eventually comprise the bulk of his first record, "I Want To Be A Clone".  Steve Taylor's impact on Christian music was undeniable.  Within a year, sales of "I Want To Be A Clone" catapulted into the hundreds of dozens.  This success prompted Steve's record company to commission the production of a full-length album.

After several months in the studio, Steve emerged with "Meltdown", an album regarded by fans and critics as Steve's second album.  Released in 1984, "Meltdown" was an enormous success, especially in Germany, where people are more easily impressed.

Despite his charismatic public persona, Steve has always gone to great lengths to maintain his privacy.  However, during his 1987 North American tour, Steve was finally forced to tell his deepest...darkest...secret.

Steve:  I struggle with...(deep breath)...I struggle with severe inner ear infections.  I've been dealing with this privately for a long time.  Uh, losing one's balance can be a really...devestating experience.  And I just hope that by sharing my private struggles, that I can help people who have to deal, on a regular basis, with this terrible, terrible condition.

Interviewer:  That took a lot of courage, Mr. Taylor.  I thank you, personally.  Thank you.

(Steve stands up, falls over)

After making the brave choice to confront his terrible condition publicly, Steve made the even braver choice of joining a secular rock band and signing with MCA records.  In 1991, Chagall Guevara released their self-titled debut and received a glowing review from Rolling Stone magazine.  More mainstream praise would soon follow, but not for the members of Chagall Guevara, who went their separate ways minutes after the Rolling Stone review hit newsstands.

MCA representatives insisted that Chagall Guevara's split was amicable.  However, footage recently unearthed reveals that the band had endured serious turmoil long before their official breakup.

(Footage from the TV show "Saved By The Bell")

Zak:  All right.  Who's been spreading all these rumors about us?

Slater: They're not rumors, Zak.  Unfortunately, it's all true.

Zak: Now, what happens in the group should STAY in the group

Kelly:  There IS no group, not since SHE came along.

Zak:  You're wrong.  SHE is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Screech:  Well, I thought I was!

Slater: Pipe down, Screech

Brian (promoter): People, we have a concert in five minutes.  Let's discuss it later.

Zak:  No-no-no, forget later, Brian.  I want to know who gave this interview.

Slater: That's beside the point, Zak.  The fact is - you sold out, Man!

Zak:  Is that what you all think?

Lisa: You've changed, Zak.

Slater: She's right.

Zak:  Well, if that's how you all think, there's only one thing to do.  I quit.

Slater: What?

Zak:  Let's see how good you do without me.

Steve's future looked darker than ever.

In 1997, life would become much sweeter for Steve Taylor.  It was in this year that Taylor not only founded a penny on the sidewalk, but also founded Squint Entertainment, a unique film and music company that would cater to the needs of artists, in addition to catering small parties and business meetings whenever record sales became sluggish.  During the next four years, Squint Entertainment achieved remarkable success in the music world, including the platinum breakthrough of Squint's flagship musical act, Sixpence None The Richer, and their worldwide smash-hit tribute to young love..."The Thong Song".

In September of 2001, Steve made the gut-wrenching decision to leave the company he founded after he and his staff were forcibly removed from the building.  To this day, Taylor has remained silent about his untimely departure from Squint, having declined both requests for an interview.

So what's next in the life of this dreamer?  Some say he will concentrate on a career in film-making.  Others remain hopeful he will record a new album.  But tonight, only one thing is certain...

This dreamer is here to rock you.

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