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Steve Taylor Bootleg Albums
Thanks to Troy Davis at for collecting and compiling these albums.
If you are looking for these albums, please contact me and I may be able to
help you find them.

Early Demos
(includes the rarity "Lead Me")

Live At The Ichthus Festival 1984

Live At Cornerstone 1987

Live In Kansas City 1988

Chagall Guevera Live At Cornerstone 1991

Chagall Guevara Live At Greenbelt 1991

Live At Cornerstone 1994

Live At Cornerstone 1995/1996

Live At Cornerstone 1996
(Includes cover of The Newsboys' "Elle G.")

I Predict A Clone Songs And Comments
(Songs from the tribute album, with Steve's comments)

Loose Ends
(A collection of hard-to-find recordings)

Live At Cornerstone 2003

Live At Creation 2003

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