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Sorry, but I've removed most of the free downloads, since:

A) With the recent increase in pay-per-download sites, it's only a matter of time before these songs become available at such a site.
B) They've been taking up a lot of my bandwidth.

If you're desperate for these albums (which are all out of print), you may be able to find used copies at, or

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"Personally, if you want to get them [my albums] off the Internet, I have no problem with that, go ahead. They are not available, have at it." - Steve Taylor, 7/4/2003, Cornerstone Festival press conference.  Link

To download these songs, right-click on the titles, then save to your hard-drive.
If any of these tracks don't download or play properly, please contact me.


Three tracks from
"On The Fritz"

are available at

The only songs available for this album are:
"On The Fritz"
"I Manipulate"
"Drive, He Said"

The remaining tracks from this album
are all available for purchase from ITunes

"Lament Of Desmond
Promo CD"
is available at

If it's not there and you want it, Contact Me

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Other Downloads
(non-album tracks, rarities, etc)

To download these songs, go to the directory

If the song you're seeking is not there,
Contact Me

Title Artist Size Notes
Shortstop Steve Taylor 3.67
From the "Roaring Lambs" collection, 2000.  This is essentially the only song Steve has recorded in the last ten years.  Most of the instruments are played by John Mark Painter of the band "Fleming & John". Lyrics
Elle G. (Live) Steve Taylor 6.12 Mbs From Cornerstone 1996, Steve's cover of a song by The Newsboys (which Steve wrote the lyrics to and co-produced for them). Lyrics
Lead Me (Demo) Steve Taylor 3.76 Mbs An early demo of a song Steve wrote, but never properly recorded.  It was recorded by both The Jeremiah People and The Continentals, whose versions are also in this directory.  Lyrics
The Moshing Floor (Live) Steve Taylor 4.48 Mbs Live October 18th, 1994, in Ft. Walton Beach, FL.  Great sound quality.  Lyrics
Shark Sandwich Steve Taylor 3.57 Mbs A mix of early demos, only available on his "Now The Truth Can Be Told" boxed set.  Lyrics
Down Under Steve Taylor 4.79 Mbs A rare song, only available on the "Best We Could Find" collection.  Lyrics
(available above under the "Best We Could Find" collection)
Under The Blood Steve Taylor 3.36 Mbs A rare track, only available on best-of collections.  Lyrics
(available above under the "Best We Could Find" collection)
Bouquet Steve Taylor 3.53 Mbs Another track only available on best-of collections.  Lyrics
(available above under the "Best We Could Find" collection)
Dream In Black And White Steve Taylor 3.22 Mbs An early song, only available on his "Now The Truth Can Be Told" boxed set.   This was recorded in 1980, and Steve plays piano on this one.  Lyrics
Winter Wonderland Steve Taylor 2.27 Mbs In 1988, Steve was asked to contribute a song for a Christian Christmas album.  This is the result.  Lyrics
Nero Steve Taylor w/ The Continentals 3.35 Mbs Steve didn't write this one, but this is him on lead vocals.  Lyrics
Still Know Your Number By Heart Chagall Guevara 4.15 Mbs A very rare Chagall Guevara track, only released to radio stations in Europe.  See my Chagall Guevara page for the cover art of this single.  Lyrics
Tale O The Twister Chagall Guevara 4.12 Mbs Another rare CG track, only released on the "Pump Up The Volume" movie soundtrack.  Lyrics
Treasure Of The Broken Land Chagall Guevara 7.17 Mbs Their contribution to "Strong Hand Of Love", a tribute album to Mark Heard.  Lyrics
Turn Turn Turn Dave Perkins & Steve Taylor 4.43
A cover of the Byrds' classic.  From Dave's album "The Innocence". (Dave was the lead guitarist for Chagall Guevara).
Lead Me The Jeremiah People 2.65 Mbs A song Steve wrote for them.  It was also recorded by The Continentals, but if you're only interested in one version of the song, I'd recommend this one.  Both the performance and sound quality are better.  Lyrics
Bouquet The Jeremiah People 3.03 Mbs An early cover.  Lyrics
Let It Go The Jeremiah People 3.28 Mbs A song Steve wrote for them.  Lyrics                              
The Moo Moo Song The Jeremiah People 3.25 Mbs Another song Steve wrote for them.  Lyrics
Time Flies The Jeremiah People 2.60 Mbs Yet another.  Lyrics
Make Yourself Real The Jeremiah People 3.39 Mbs Yet another.  Lyrics
Good Girl Lisa Whelchel 1.67 Mbs A song Steve wrote for Lisa Whelchel (yes, the girl who played 'Blair Warner' on "The Facts of Life").  A small portion of Steve's demo appears on the "Shark Sandwich" track on the "Now The Truth Can Be Told" boxed set.  This is the only complete version of the song in release.   Lyrics
Do Something Now! The CAUSE
(Christian Artists
United to Save
the Earth)
4.80 Mbs This was a "Band Aid"/"USA for Africa"-type group comprised of Christian artists .  Steve sings 2 lines in the song.  The QRSTUV site has a page about this project.
Mae East The Continentals 2.28 mbs A song Steve wrote for them.  Janet Croninger (also the voice of the patient in Steve's song "Jung And The Restless") sings lead.  Lyrics
Lead Me The Continentals 4.35 Mbs Steve wrote this song for them.  From their album "The Dreamer"  Lyrics

Also, the site has some songs that Steve co-wrote and/or produced for the heavy metal band Guardian.  They have "Lions Den", a song Steve produced and wrote the lyrics for, and a live version of "Bottle Rocket" which Steve co-wrote the lyrics for. They also have their song "Break Me Down" which Steve produced, but did not write, as well as Sixpence None The Richer's "Kiss Me" which Steve produced, but did not write.

Downloadable Videos
(Thanks, Bryan!)
You can also get these by going to

I Predict 1990 - The Video Album

What Is The Measure Of Your Success? 10.6 Mbs
I Blew Up The Clinic Real Good 10.6 Mbs
A Principled Man 8.58 Mbs
Jim Morrison's Grave 11.3 Mbs
Babylon 12.2 Mbs
Svengali 11.4 Mbs
Since I Gave Up Hope I Feel A Lot Better

8.97 Mbs

Harder To Believe Than Not To 11.4 Mbs
I Predict 1990 - The Video Album - Credits 6.68 Mbs

Other Videos

Lifeboat 16.80 Mbs
Meltdown (At Madame Tussaud's) 11.30 Mbs
I Want To Be A Clone (live, from "Limelight: The movie") 7.75 Mbs
On The Fritz (live, from "Limelight: The movie") 10.10 Mbs
Limelight Promotional Film 10.30 Mbs
Violent Blue 13.40 Mbs

A visitor named John gave me instructions on how to make a DVD from these videos:

If you download TMPGEnc from ( then you can generate an Video CD compatible MPEG1 file (PAL or NTSC format)

Note TMPGEnc will not list the WMV file at first - you need to get the input box to view all files.  Also you need to tell TMPGEnc that the input is 4:3 format otherwise the output will be distorted.

After all this, you have a set of MPEG1 files which you can then burn to a Video CD using Nero ( or your own favourite CD burning software - and then watch them in luxury on your DVD Player/TV :)

John also says that this site - - is good for general video conversion issues.

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